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Q&A: Slow Pitch Jigging Rod with Iron Jig 120g

Updated: Apr 19, 2020


"I am looking for a spinning rod that I can work slow pitch iron jigs, something that has a soft tip to pitch jigs and backbone to reel them in with the rod. Not like the SPR where once you hook the fish the rods work is done and you just reel them in.

I would be using the rod to catch tuna 12-40 pounds. Using slow pitch iron jigs 120 grams. Fishing water no deeper than 150 feet. I am wanting to work the iron as close as possible to match a slow pitch rod. Do you offer rod/rods that would come closes to matching? Thanks look forward to your reply."


"I recommend black Hole Cape cod slow pitch jigging spinning rod or black Hole Charter special slow pitch jigging spinning."

Kil Song

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