Q&A: Popping Rod Recommendation for 4000H Daiwa Catalina or Saltiga


"Hello, I currently have a S-801H Challenger Bank, that I use to throw poppers off the coast of San Diego. This rod isn’t ideal for 40g-80g poppers. I’d like a 1-piece 8’ rod to throw 40g-80g poppers, using a 4000H Daiwa Catalina or Saltiga. Most pelagic fish available, in season, are 30# and under. Obviously, there are larger tuna from time to time, but the smaller stuff is what I’m targeting with the lighter gear. Do you sell a rod that fits this criteria?"


"I recommend 8' Black Hole Challenger Bank M or MH rod as well as 8' Black Hole Magic Eye 804S."

Kil Song


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