Q&A: Matching Rod To Stella 8000


"I have two 2019 8000 Stella’s, 1HG and 1PG, both spooled with JB 60# hollow. Primary use is inshore/offshore casting and popping to Yellowfin, Roosters, Dorados and whatever else is around, roosters and dorados typically exceed 50 pounds, yellowfin often exceed 100 pounds. I’m looking for a set of rods to match the reels to, keep in mind the rods will be multi-purpose I may even jig a bit with them. What would you recommend for rods."


"For Dorado, I recommend 7'6" Black Hole Challenger Bank MH rod, and 7'3" or 8' Challenger Bank H rod for tuna over 100 lb. If you look for a two-piece rod, I recommend 7'6" Black Hole Cape Cod Special Nano or Graphite Popping rod."

Kil Song

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