More Dealers!

New NJ Dealers:

  • Hook House Bait & Tackle

  • Other NJ Dealers:

New NY Dealers:

  • Fisherman Depot

  • Miller Place Bait & Tackle

New FL Dealers:

  • T&R Tackle

  • Reel Deal Bait & Tackle

  • Reel Deal Outdoors Inc

New CT Dealers:

  • Rudy's Tackle Barn

New CA Dealers:

  • Hi's Tackle Box

  •, INC

New HI Dealers:

  • Nanko Fishing Inc.

New MA Dealers:

  • Goose Hummock Shop

New OH Dealers:

  • Fisherman's Headquarters

A list of full dealers can be found at

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New Dealers in NY & FL

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