We first introduced Black Hole "Cape Cod Special" Jigging & Popping Rods to US in 2010 (Special Design by Kil Song).

We landed 1,000lb Bluefin Tuna on Stand up with the Cape Cod Special 450g Jigging Rod (Watch the video below).

Many Fishermen started to promote our products to others after they tested the rods.

And now, "Black Hole" is well known as the "Light yet Strong and Powerful" fishing pole.






About Us

Where are the products made?

Our products are manufactured from Korea and China.

Korean products used are the latest materials from Japan. Price is very reasonable.

Products from China are economical yet they show high quality action.

Can we request special design?

Rods and blanks can be customized based on the angler's request with minimum order quantity.

Many of the buyers were extremely happy by the customized products.

We are very confident in our products after testing them for years. We will continue to develop and provide high quality products to meet fishermen's satisfaction and lead to the new fishing trend.

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